Newsletters - May 2003

Newsletters - May 2003

Sami Labs Ltd., Sabinsa’s associated group, has established a cosmeceuticals claims substantiation laboratory at it’s Bangalore research facility.

A summary of the current capabilities of the cell culture and biochemical validation laboratory is as follows:

Facilities available:

  • Class 100 safety Hood (Class II level)
  • Class 10,000 lab (sterile lab)
  • Carbon-dioxide Incubator (thermo)
  • Inverted microscope (Olympus) with CCTV and fluorescence attachment
  • Microplate reader (BMG, Fluostar Optima) with Absorbance, Luminescence, Fluorescence detectors
  • Temperature control Ultra centrifuge(20,000 rpm)
  • Cryofreezer (-80oC)


Cell cultures Testing:

1. Toxicity evaluation

  • Human fibroblast
  • Mutagenicity against bacterial tester strain TA 102

2. Efficacy studies:

  1. Melanogenesis promoters / inhibitors: Efficacy screening for skin pigmentation promotion or skin lightening, required in validating efficacious agents in vitiligo or skin fairness respectively.
    • Melanocyte cell line (Melana A)
    • Tyrosinase inhibition assay
  1. Hyperproliferative studies / psoriasis evaluation
    • SVK14 Keratinocytes proliferation, measurement of ATP/lactate dehydrogenase

  2. Skin conditioning / anti-wrinkle properties
    • Fibroblast proliferation and release of various enzymes and cytokines
    • Anti-elastase activity
    • Anti-collagenase activity
    • Anti-hyaluronidase activity

  3. Anti-inflammatory activity
    • Evaluation of COX inhibition

  4. Wound healing activity
    • Proliferation of fibroblasts
    • Proliferation of Keratinocytes

  5. Antioxidant assay
    • DPPH radical scavenging activity
    • In vitro lipid peroxidation

  6. Anti-acne/Anti-bacterial activities, Effectiveness against
    • Propionibacterium acnes
    • Staph. aureus
    • Staph. epidermidis
    • Strept. mutans
    • E.coli
    • Bacillus subtilis

  7. Anti-dandruff activities
    • Effectiveness against Pityrosporum ovale

One of the driving factors is the need for development of non-animal based efficacy studies. Alternative testing methods will be developed and validated at this laboratory


  • Suite E, Level 4
    140 William St
    NSW 2011, Australia

  • +61 2 9356 2211


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